5. Handheld filming

The Yellow Case - 5. Handheld filming

FP - Our Yellow Case - 5. Handheld


  • Hold the camera steady by resting your arms against your body
  • See the camera as something that is connected to your body. If you want to film to the left or the right, move your body in that direction
  • Holding your camera on eye-level can be hard sometimes, for example when you’re filming someone who is taller than you are. Again, rest your arms against your body and film a bit from below instead
  • There is no such thing as holding your camera the right way, instead hold it in a way that is most comfortable for you


Now practice some reporter style handheld shots. Try out a couple of different positions and grab the camera a few different ways. Make a few recordings, and see if the position you chose resulted in steady footage. Adjust the way you hold the camera accordingly. You'll be reviewing your footage at the end of this masterclass.