Cookie policy

Last updated on August 9, 2021

Eddie uses cookies and other technologies to enhance your experience on our website and platform. In this document we outline what cookies are, how we use them and other technologies and how you can manage your settings. At Eddie, we value transparency and your privacy, see also our Privacy Statement.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are placed on you computer by your browser, and can be used to store small pieces of information. This information is harmless to your computer but could potentially identify personal information about you to the sites you visit and third parties. Cookies placed by Eddie do not track personal information.

How do we use cookies?

We use cookies for three different purposes, as listed below.

Functional cookies

These cookies are required to give you a good browser experience. The following functional cookies are placed by or

  • csrftoken this is a security measure used for our contact and application forms. It's a Cross Site Request Forgery prevention technique, for more information, see this Wikipedia article. This cookie does not track any personal information.
  • cookies this is where your cookie preference is stored. This is either 'all' (when you accept all cookies) or 'minimal' when you only accept functional and analytical cookies. On our platform this is 'yes' since all cookies are required. This cookie does not track any personal information.
  • sessionid this cookie contains a unique id that is set when you log in, to authenticate you. This id is removed when you log out and is only set when you log in. Expires after two weeks.
  • django_language keeps track of your preferred language. This is either 'en' (English) or 'nl' (Dutch)
  • homevid a cookies to keep track of whether the homepage video should start playing automatically. Defaults to autoplay when not set or 'true', 'false' means don't autoplay.
  • browserupdateorg this cookie is only placed if you have an outdated browser, to save your preference when dismissing the notification. This cookie does not track any personal information.

Analytical cookies

These cookies are required to give us insight into how our site is used. We use Google Analytics for analytics. We have anonymised the way Google Analytics tracks the use of the website, so your personal details such as your IP address are not collected. The following cookies are placed by Google Analytics:

  • _ga used to distinguish visitors.
  • _gid used to distinguish visitors.
  • _dc_gtm_TWKRHST used to throttle request rate.

Third-party cookies

These cookies are placed by third parties (in our case YouTube) and can be used as functional, analytical and tracking cookies by this third party. Tracking cookies can be used to track your visit across multiple domains. You can choose to reject these cookies by choosing only minimal cookies. Please be aware that the YouTube player will not work in that case, but you can still view the video on YouTube itself. On our platform a player is used that does not contain tracking cookies.

Other third-party extensions

We also use the following third-party extensions that do not track any personal information but are only used to enhance your experience:

  • PlayFair Google Webfont files.
  • empty file used by myfonts to keep track of pageviews for our Galano Grotesque Webfont.
  • script to load Google Tag Manager (GTM). GTM does not track anything on its own but is used to load our Google Analytics script.
  • script to check of your browser is supported. Does not track anything, only places a cookie for outdated browsers after clicking a button in the notification.

How to block cookies

There are several ways to block cookies and tracking in general:

  • Blocking third-party cookies on our site: this can be done by accepting only minimal cookies in our cookie notice.
  • Blocking all (third-party) cookies: most browsers have the option to block all cookies or all third-party cookies. Please refer to your browser's help function for more information.
  • Privacy extension: if you value your privacy, many browsers allow you to install privacy extensions that block certain types of tracking cookies and scripts. Please refer to your browser to find out if and how those extensions can be installed, and take care to only install extensions from a reliable source.
  • Incognito or Private browsing modes: Most browsers provide an incognito or private browsing mode that will protect your privacy better that normal browsing. Please refer to your browser's help function for more information.

Please be aware that blocking cookies and scripts may result in a site that isn't fully functional or may cause other unexpected results.

How to remove cookies

Cookies will eventually expire. Our functional and analytical cookies are only used when visiting so if you don't visit our site again they are never used.

Third-party cookies are placed outside of our control. If you want to remove all or some of the cookies placed when visiting our site, please refer to your browser's help section to find out how you can remove cookies.


This document can be updated without notification. The date at the top will reflect the date this document was last changed.