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Another milestone for super easy video creation: a new and improved web app! With this new app you can manage your projects, upload footage and review your edited video. Still as easy as 1-2-3 and all in one place. Already have an account? is now Eddie

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Why this app?

Creating a video should be easy and fun, don’t you agree? With this app you can collaborate on projects with your colleagues to keep the creative juices flowing. And when you’re done you just upload all your footage, from a laptop or your phone, whatever suits you best. This app allows you to manage your projects, upload your footage or download your edited videos. Yes, it’s that easy.

Your account

With Eddie you have your very own personal account. This account is linked to the account of your organisation. Here you view all your ongoing and completed projects, or work with colleagues on cool collaborations. You can even invite external collaborators to join forces on projects.

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Your older videos

Did you work with Eddie’s predecessor All your projects are still available. Contact us and we'll help you access your old videos.