How it works

Easy as 1-2-3

Eddie is a delightful web app that enables beginners and experts to create professional videos through co-creation. You film and Eddie edits the footage.

It is the solution for modern organisations and business professionals who want to do more with video. Eddie guides you from A-Z. Training, planning, assembly, equipment, advice. Eddie is always there for you.

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In-house filmer

Are you an in-house filmer and do you want to make faster, better and more films?

Via your Eddie account you can have your film images edited very quickly by specialised editors of flesh and blood who love nothing more than to make your communication great.

With Eddie you always have access to Eddie's Academy. This is an online film academy for everyone who makes videos in a corporate environment. This way everyone can become an 'in-house filmer’.

Video power

Are you a director or team leader and do you want more video power in your organisation or your team?

Eddie helps you set up an in-house filming team with the video management course. You can collaborate on video projects with colleagues via the Eddie web app.

Gadget Pack Course - 1.Whats In The Kit

Eddie's Gadget Pack

Eddie also has a Gadget Pack that makes DIY filming so much easier. In the Gadget Pack you find the latest gadgets in mobile filming. A pin microphone, handheld microphone, your own logo block and a tripod to film at eye level.

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You are bursting with plans, knowledge and beautiful projects to promote! And you want to share that with videos? With Eddie, setting up good videos is fast, easy and of high quality. This is where your film adventure begins: Easy as 1-2-3!

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