6. External microphones

The Yellow Case - 6. External microphones

FP - Our Yellow Case - 6. External Microphones


  • For interviews, always use an external microphone if you have one
  • Reporter microphones are for outdoor and indoor use
  • Only use pin microphones indoors and when there’s little background noise


With this exercise, you will experience the difference between the audio of an interview, with and without an external microphone plugged in.

Stand two meters away from each other and take turns answering the question: “Do you prefer to travel by car, bike or train, and why?” 

The filmer first listens to the answer through the headphone while there is no external microphone plugged in. The filmer will thus hear the interviewee through the build-in microphone.

After about 30 seconds the filmer plugs in the external microphone and hands it to the interviewee. Now the filmer can hear the difference in the quality of the audio.