Our vision

Everyone should be able to make a professional video

Video is beautiful and video is powerful. It allows you to see and hear at the same time, making it super intuitive. It brings people and emotions together, takes you to another world or is so clear and recognizable that it may feel as if you are right there yourself.

That's why video usage in businesses has been growing rapidly in the past years. But businesses are struggling with the challenge of producing high quantities of video.

How do you structure and streamline the creation process? How do you keep it affordable? How do you keep it agile?

You don't think twice about making calls or emailing for work. It is the most natural thing in the world. With the same ease and equally casual anyone should also be able to make professional videos in a business environment.

Our mission

We want to make the creation of professional videos as easy as possible for people within businesses, by sharing knowledge and co-creation.


Transparancy and perspiration. We give our customers all our video and communication knowledge, we don't hold anything back. We do the hard work for our customers. We take care of the difficult editing, develop training courses and build software solutions so that they can enjoy the most fun aspects of video making and can focus on the content of their message.

We aim to offer the holy trinity; video must be made fast, affordably, and it should be of high quality. Easy as 1-2-3! Consider us a very service-oriented colleague, extremely committed to making you happy. We like to do business in a personal way with an occasional joke, and if something goes wrong, we will always make it right.

How we work

A selection of our clients