The future is smart

filming with your mobile phone

Big smartphone companies are investing most of their research into the built-in cameras of their newest models. That’s why smartphones are quickly bypassing most ordinary digital cameras.

With each new release of a mobile phone - the cameras, lenses, and software keep on improving. Big tech companies like Apple, Samsung, OnePlus and many more are making impressive moves to outperform their competitors in the digital camera market. The big established companies like Sony, Canon and Nikon cannot keep up with the rapid evolution of smartphone cameras and are losing their ground.

With the new iPhone 13 Max Pro, OnePlus 9 Pro, Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, and many more smartphones with incredible cameras, we believe the future is mobile.

You, as a filmer, are in for the win: your professional camera will always be in your pocket.


Nine most obvious reasons...

We put together a list of the nine most obvious reasons why you should start filming your professional productions with your smartphone.

1. You (almost) always have your smartphone with you

You can shoot footage at all times, because what’s the one thing you never forget? Right, your phone. We hardly leave our homes without them. This means filmmakers can film with great ease on any occasion. See a nice scene on the streets? Is that colleague saying something awesome about your company? Is the weather just perfect for a nice shot of the office building? No need to wait, your smartphone is right there in your pocket.

2. Anyone can use it

Since [almost] everyone knows their way around a mobile phone, it is easy to learn how to film like a professional. It’s an interface we’re already familiar with, which is a great help in becoming an excellent mobile filmer.

3. It saves money

Most people have a smartphone with a decent camera. Again, you usually carry it with you, PLUS you don’t need to buy an expensive digital camera that you can only use for filming. You already have a multi-purpose smartphone that has a built-in camera function.

4. It’s small

A camera that’s smaller and more versatile than a smartphone is hard to find. Forget about squeezing yourself into small spaces with a giant camera on your shoulder, you can fit your mobile device anywhere. Perhaps a GoPro is smaller and lighter, but those are sports cameras with very wide lenses. Filming an interview on a GoPro may prove to be challenging.

5. The quality is astonishing

You thought shooting 4K footage was just for cinema cameras? Not anymore. Slow motion, 4K, and auto focus is now common, as it’s all in your smartphone. And it’s all easy as 1-2-3.

6. Sharing is very easy

No more hassle with SD cards and missing SD ports. Just share your footage through the cloud, or upload them immediately in the Eddie app. Easy, right?

7. You have an easy backup available

If you have a subscription to any type of data cloud, you can back up your data in a split second. You don’t need big external hard drives to make a backup, you have everything you need online.

8. Monitoring is key

Mobile phones have bigger monitors than the average camera. You can see what you’re doing on your screen in real-time. Does the shot have enough light? Does your interviewee look good? Is the interviewee framed properly? You can all see it right on your mobile phone display.

9. Accessories

Smartphones come with lots of accessories for filming. You can add microphones, lenses, tripods, LED lights and stabilising gear.

What do you think?

Of course, smartphones can’t compete with a full-fledged professional cinema camera, yet. It is still hard to make a lens small enough for a smartphone, and good enough for professional videography. But what they lack for now in cinematic quality, they make up for in size, speed, usability, and multi-purposeness.

We recommend filming with a newer model because digital cameras get better with each generation. Want to know which models we recommend, and why? Read Eddie’s next blog.