Filming with affordable smartphones

Smartphone filmmaking often focuses on the latest model smartphones. But mobile filming is for everyone! This blog will explain why.

How important is a good-quality phone?

You wish to shoot videos with your own smartphone. However, your phone is not on our list of recommendations? Or maybe you’re allowed a new work phone, but none of the options are on this list. Now what?

No worries, you can still create great videos with your mobile. The most important thing is that you can shoot footage for your film. Because, in the end, it’s about the content! Your message is the most important, not the quality of your shots. Plus, you’ll shoot great footage with ease with some help from the lessons in the Eddie Academy Film Programme. And if you use the Gadget Pack, you’ll improve your audio quality and image stability as well. But great content always comes first.

I don’t have the latest or most expensive model smartphone, now what?

Not a problem! With most affordable smartphones and older models, you can shoot professional videos.

As a rule of thumb, pretty much all smartphones from 2015 onwards will provide you with great footage for professional videos. The first iPhone to shoot full HD footage was actually released in 2011, and Android phones followed in 2012. In the years to follow, phone manufacturers improved both the hardware and software for their cameras, meaning if you have a phone from 2015 or later, you have a darn good camera in your pocket.


Smartphone cameras got really good real fast at the beginning. Manufacturers are always fine-tuning, but the basic quality is generally really good.

Of course, older smartphones and cheaper models have some downsides. For instance, stabilisation on most of these is not great. You can easily counter this issue by using a tripod, like the one in the Gadget Pack.

The same goes for low-light situations. The newer or fancier your phone is, the better the image will be in low-light situations. As long as you make sure your subject is well lit, your footage should look quite alright. Tip: don’t film outside during the evening or in a poorly-lit room.

Choosing a new phone

Are you allowed to choose a new work phone, but the phone of your preference isn’t on our list of recommendations? Head over to YouTube and search for your phone, adding the words 'camera review'! There are countless vlogs of people reviewing and comparing the cameras on smartphones. These reviews often include footage shot with that particular phone, so you can see for yourself how the camera performs. Another useful tool is dxomark.com. On this page you can compare different phone brands and models. All those reviews, comparisons and test footage provide a lot of insight into what phone is best for your situation.

Still in doubt? Please call our producers, they are more than happy to help.

Step it up!

Have you been shooting videos for your company for a while? Have the videos you’ve created made a big impact for your company? Then it might be time to discuss an upgrade, so you can make even better company videos.


Turns out, you don’t need to have a top-of-the-line smartphone to create awesome videos for your company. The most important thing is to use what you have to get your message out there. Improve your footage with the equipment from your Gadget Pack, and you’ll be shooting awesome videos no matter what smartphone you have.