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'Wat is Cobie?' voor bestaande klanten ENG

Cobie is the new name for the tried-and-trusted platform you always use to work with Eddie. During the past few years, the platform has grown into a full-fledged product, and will stand on its own two feet in 2024. And that deserves its own name!

What does this mean for you?

Nothing changes, really. Because Eddie isn't changing. Eddie will continue to create fantastic videos with you. And that will still happen via the usual way, in your trusted account, but with a new look. All functionalities will remain available, and all your videos will stay in your account.

Big bonus

Cobie continues to work hard on different features so that you can (co-)create video more and more easy. One of those new features is that you can invite all your video suppliers to collaborate with you on the Cobie platform. This way, you can manage all your video projects - regardless of the supplier(!) - in the tried-and-trusted way, from start to finish, all in one spot.

Do you have questions about Cobie, or are you just curious and would like to know more? Please don't hesitate to contact us. We're happy to help you!

  • Cobie and Eddie are separate companies, right?

    Yes. Eddie and Cobie are separate companies as of 2 April.

  • What does Cobie supply and what does Eddie supply to me as a client?

    Eddie is your supplier of video editing for co-creation productions, traditional videos, animations, training sessions and advice as you have been used to from us for years. And so Eddie remains Eddie.

    Cobie is the supplier of the SAAS product (Software as a Service) you have been working with for over two years: Eddie's platform. You register projects there, plan, upload material, give feedback and download the version edited by Eddie. This piece of software will turn into a new company called Cobie.

    The functionalities offered by Cobie from 2 April are:

    • Inviting all your video suppliers
    • Project management. Which videos are you creating with which agencies and what is the status?
    • Create projects (co-created and/or fully outsourced) and script them using the scripting wizard
    • Project planning
    • Uploading footage
    • Structured feedback with multiple colleagues simultaneously on your video's timeline
    • Download final versions in original quality
    • Dashboard with an overview of all your video projects
  • How does submitting projects from 2 April work?

    The same as always. Only one step has been added: you now have to choose by whom you want the video to be made. With a paid account, you can invite all your video suppliers to work with you via Cobie. So when you create a project, you then choose with which supplier you want to collaborate on that project. Hopefully often with Eddie ;-) After this one click, the process is the same as it has always been.

  • Why should I add my other video suppliers to Cobie?

    Creating videos through Cobie saves significant time and costs. A clear and standardised process from video initiation to delivery ensures less noise, a better first draft and less feedback. This pays off in convenience, higher efficiency, shorter lead times and, because this requires no extra work, often a lower final invoice. With Cobie, you realise these efficiencies and savings on all the videos being made in all corners of your organisation.

  • Will my suppliers have to pay if I add them to Cobie?

    No. Your supplier can sign up for free and work with you on video projects. If they also want to create projects themselves or work with their other customers through Cobie, they can choose to take out a paid subscription.

  • What functionalities are still to come on Cobie?

    Cobie keeps a close eye on user needs. Our backlog, the list of improvements and new features we still want to build, is compiled based on the wishes that come from our users. So if you have certain wishes or needs, let us know [] and we will put it on the backlog. The more people share your wish, the higher it will be on the list and the faster we will build it.

  • When can we expect what functionality?

    We want to build everything as fast as possible. But without paying customers, we cannot scale up the team. As soon as we have enough paying customers, we can attract external investment to speed up development. And then we can build more and bigger features for Cobie.

  • No final products from Eddie without Cobie subscription, is that right?

    No, that is not correct. You can continue to work with Eddie in the exact same way you're used to, because Eddie has an account. However, you won't be able to use any cool, new features in Cobie without a paid subscription.

  • What do I get for the monthly fee?


    We are 'pay as you go'; if you do nothing, you pay nothing.


    Cobie costs €249 per month if you pay a year in advance, and €299 per month if you pay monthly. You then get 5 Users (Seats) and can add an unlimited amount of Light Users (Users without Seats).