We're called Eddie from now on! And we are proud of that. But why Eddie? Eddie comes from editor. Eddie is here for you, the filmmaker. With Eddie you make beautiful videos and develop yourself, film after film.

Eddie is social and fun. Eddie is personal, approachable, and makes video production easy for you.

Join us on this movie adventure!

Yes, we love the name Inhousefilming.com, but we outgrew it. Inhousefilming.com sounds corporate and distant. With Eddie you, the filmmaker, become part of a close-knite family. Because for Eddie it's all about the filmmaker.

So: bye Inhousefilming.com! And hello Eddie. And be honest, Eddie is just a really good name, isn't it?

We are celebrating because from now on Inhousefilming.com is Eddie!

How it works

Eddie isn't just a new name, it's a whole new platform! Collaboration is key here, with your colleagues and with the editor. Training, planning, assembly, equipment, advice. Eddie is always there for you.

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Getting started

Nice new name! But, now let's get started. Click here to learn all about the new platform and to register your own project.

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